From problem to opportunity

The Japanese garden “Seisui Tei” (Garden of Pure Water) at the University of Minnesota Landscape Arboretum is one of the most renowned in North America. Much less common in the United States, Chinese gardens function more like parks to be discovered than gardens to be admired. Combining natural and built landscape features, and always including a path, a Chinese garden invites visitors to walk through, discover naturalistic beauty, and immerse themselves in its tranquility. The Arboretum has long envisioned adding a Chinese garden and set a bold vision to create one as a key element in its 2012 master plan….

The preferred site for the Hsiao-Ho Chinese Garden was along the Three Mile Drive, in part because it would provide convenient ADA access not only to the new garden, but also to existing collections of larch, willow, elm and hydrangea plants. Solution Blue Inc. and Damon Farber Associates undertook a pre-design study to determine the appropriate location and access for the garden on the Three Mile Drive…”

SCAPE (Winter, 2015)

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